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This 2 or 3 year course delivered by ITM Paris prepares students of baccalaureate level (minimum) to be professional make-up artists for film, fashion, television and special effects. As well as for the performing arts: theatre, dance, opera and other events. It also allows make-up artists to work for cosmetic brands, and demonstrate in their outlets.

3 main areas

The training offered by ITM Paris is based on three main areas: theory, techniques and practice. The student evolves from the learning phase to the hands on practical phase and that of creation. This evolution allows him/her to move into the professional world.

This progression takes place step by step and is guided by thirty working professionals: Head make-up artists, hairdressers, prosthetic make-up artists, technicians, costume designers, photographers and cinematographers. The teaching staff impart their expertise and know-how. They educate the future make-up artists on the requirements of the profession and its evolution (taking into consideration the use of digital numerics).

A professional training

This program involves an internship of 18 weeks.

A year of extra training is offered to students with high potential. This year will enable students to more rapidly integrate the professional world of make-up and to expand their skills. Among other subjects, they will be work on the manufacture of wigs, image transformation, airbrushing techniques and the latest developments in special effects. This very technical and specialized year will also be open to make-up professionals who wish to update their knowledge.


Click on the subject for details. The schedule is for information purposes only and may be modified.

  • 01. Basic make-up techniques
  • 02. Chromatology
  • 03. Drawing
  • 04. Painting
  • 05. Modeling
  • 06. Art History
  • 07. English
Common core
  • 01. Professionalization, creativity, speed
  • 02. Special effects with prothesis
  • 03. Fashion trends make-up
  • 04. Airbrush
  • 01. Specialization

Entry Requirements & Application

Admission is subject to both the presentation of a file and an oral interview. The interview allows a discussion about the candidate's background and ambitions.


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