Graphic & Motion Design Courses Bachelor Graphic Design Bachelor (3-year programme) Strasbourg in French


This course teaches students how to define a visual communication strategy, to master different means of expression and to use them on various supports: print, packaging and interactive media.

A professional course

The course is taught by active professionals who are established in their area of expertise, and brings together theoretical and practical classes with several work placements at the school’s partner companies. This teaching programme is recognised by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and is listed amongst the top seven private graphic design courses preferred by professionals (L’Étudiant, 2015).

This course can also be found in Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux and Toulouse.


The design/graphic design course takes place over three years. Graduates are awarded a *qualification in design/graphic design from IDAA-LISAA NSF 322T - level 2 (France), 6 (EU), listed on the French Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP), decree published 24/05/2013 in the official journal of 16/06/2013. Students can join in at the beginning of every year (1st, 2nd or 3rd year).


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  • 01. During the first year, students follow the Foundation year courses.
    30 hrs
Image and Communication Culture / Professional Environment
  • 01. History & contemporary culture of Graphic Design
    1,5 hrs
  • 02. Semiology / Marketing / English
    1,5 hrs
  • 03. Image culture
    2 hrs
Representation Techniques
  • 04. Computer Graphics
    3 hrs
  • 05. Photography
    2 hrs
  • 06. Drawing
    2 hrs
Specialised studios
  • 07. Graphic Design
    3 hrs
  • 08. Typography
    3 hrs
  • 09. Illustration
    3 hrs
Creative methodology
  • 10. Experimental Drawing
    2 hrs
  • 11. Creativity
    3 hrs
Professional integration
  • 12. Work placement
Professional environment
  • 01. Careers
    1,5 hrs
  • 02. English
    1 hr
Technology monitoring
  • 03. Videographics
    4 hrs
  • 04. Web Design
    4 hrs
Professional creative studio
  • 05. Graphic Design
    3 hrs
  • 06. Visual Identity
    3 hrs
  • 07. Press-Publishing
    3 hrs
  • 08. Illustration
    3 hrs
Creative methodology
  • 09. Project
    3 hrs

Teaching Staff


Entry Requirements & Application

Admission is subject to both the presentation of a file and an oral interview. The interview allows a discussion about the candidate's background and ambitions. The objective is to to gauge his motivation and the potential of his or her academic profile to suit the specificities of a profession in graphic design. Students can join in at the beginning of every year (1st, 2nd or 3rd year).


saturday, december 9 from 10h to 17h