Graphic & Motion Design Courses BTS Graphic Design / Digital Media Bachelor level (2-year undergraduate programme) Nantes in French


Students on this Graphic Design BTS (French undergraduate national diploma) course learn how to analyse, design, produce a communication project in digital media.

The course is taught by active professionals who are recognised in their fields, and brings together theoretical and practical classes with several work placements at businesses in partnership with the school.


This course leads to a state registered BTS qualification (the French BTS diploma corresponds to a 2-year Level III technical or professional diploma/USA: Associate Degree). LISAA is recognised by the French Ministry of Culture and Communications and is listed in the top seven best graphic design courses by industry professionals (L’Étudiant, 2015).


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  • 01. General Knowledge and Expression
  • 02. Semiology
  • 03. Philosophy (2nd year)
  • 04. English
  • 05. Economics / Management
  • 06. Physics
  • 07. Analytical Drawing
  • 08. Artistic & Graphic Design Practice
  • 09. Graphic Design History
  • 10. Photography/Video
  • 11. History of Typography
  • 12. Creative research methodology
  • 13. Design Studio – Identity Design, Publishing Design
  • 14. Design Studio – Identity Design, Message Design
  • 15. Design Workshop
  • 16. History of Communication
  • 17. Creative Technology
  • 18. Production Technology

Teaching Staff


  • Christine Tisserand
    Christine Tisserand

    Head of Studies - Graphic Design / Creativity Studio / Production Technology

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  • Futuroscope
  • Katorza
  • La Folle Journée Festival of Nantes
  • La ligue contre le cancer
  • Total
  • St Michel

Entry Requirements & Application

Student selection is done by dossier and an interview, submitted at the end of a Foundation year (MANAA) at LISAA or elsewhere. A baccalaureate level of studies (or equivalent) is required. Students who have not studied design as part of their final high school studies are required to follow a MANAA course which will enable them to study the fundamental elements of observational drawing, documentary studies, life drawing, outdoor drawing, colour, history of art…


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