Interior Architecture & Design Courses BTS Interior Architecture Bachelor level (2-year undergraduate programme) Nantes in French


Interior architecture professions require the acquisition of multiple skills and adaptability. Precision and process are necessary in addition to creativity, imagination and sensitivity.


  • The general teaching unit covers the economic and tangible realities of the future profession of interior architecture.
  • The professional teaching unit boost and develops the creative potential of each student.
  • The artistic teaching unit develops students’ curiosity and an open mind.


The Interior architecture BTS (French undergraduate national diploma) is a state-registered qualification (equivalent to BAC +2 years of further education) and takes place over two years following a Foundation year (MANAA).

En 2018, 95% of students on the Interior architecture course received the "BTS" qualification.

Christophe Beauducel, Director of LISAA Nantes

Course also available in Strasbourg.


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  • 01. General Knowledge and Expression
  • 02. Philosophy
  • 03. English
  • 04. Maths
  • 05. Physics
  • 06. Economics/Management
  • 07. Spatial Semiology
  • 08. Visual Arts
  • 09. Drawing & Structural Drawing
  • 10. Artistic Expression
  • 11. Design Workshop
  • 12. Design Workshop - Technology
  • 13. Design Workshop - Methodology & Project Methodology
  • 14. Design Workshop – Technical Drawing
  • 15. Design Workshop – Analysis, Volume & Materials
  • 16. Applied Information Technology
  • 17. Professional Project

Teaching Staff


  • Christophe Beauducel
    Christophe Beauducel

    Director LISAA Nantes / Introductory Course in Applied Arts (MANAA) / Semiology

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  • Valérie Loubatier
    Valérie Loubatier

    Head of Studies - Interior Architecture & Design / Artistic Expression / Drawing & Structural Drawing

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  • Anita Marzeliere
    Anita Marzeliere

    Head of administration office

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  • La Folle Journée Festival of Nantes
  • Katorza
  • Futuroscope
  • Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique
  • Total
  • La ligue contre le cancer
  • Conservatoire du Littoral
  • Dobrée Museum

Entry Requirements & Application

Student selection is done by dossier and an interview, submitted at the end of a Foundation year (MANAA) at LISAA or elsewhere. A baccalaureate level of studies (or equivalent) is required. Students who have not studied design as part of their final high school studies are required to follow a MANAA course which will enable them to study the fundamental elements of observational drawing, documentary studies, life drawing, outdoor drawing, colour, history of art…


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