Animation & Video Games Courses Master's in Video Game Creative Director Master's level (2-year programme) Paris in French


This course is aimed mainly at students who completed the 2-D/3-D video game course. Il allows them to further develop their abilities in the following areas: 3-D animation, concept art, 3-D modeling, rigging, lighting, shaders creation, VFX, level design, scripting, game design.

The approach of video games as designed by this course at LISAA implies that the students learn about techniques that will allow them to create Physically Based Rendering (PBR) used in AAA video games productions.

Students further their skills in directing, development of realist shaders, software use (Substance, Maya...) and Unreal engine, combining 2-D and 3-D techniques for complex projects and optimising a production schedule. This approach leads to an in-depth knowledge of the entire pipeline for 3-D video game production.

The Game Creative Director course takes place over two years following a bachelor-level qualification in Video Games from LISAA. It is also open to students from other digital animation schools. The course takes place in French except some classes taught in English.


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  • 01. 3-D Animation / Motion capture
  • 02. 3-D Production
  • 03. FX / Shaders
  • 04. Script
  • 05. Game Design
  • 06. Level Design
  • 07. Visual Design
  • 08. Workshops and projects in partnership
  • 09. End-of-studies project
  • 10. Internship

Teaching Staff


  • Joan Da Silva
    Joan Da Silva

    Director of Studies - Animation & Video Games

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  • Jean-Philippe Ourry
    Jean-Philippe Ourry

    Head of Studies 2-D & 3-D Video Games / Visual Design

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Entry Requirements & Application

To be eligible for this course, students must fulfil the following criteria: hold a qualification from LISAA or other digital animation school in VFX, 2-D Animation, 3-D Animation, 2-D Video Games or 3-D Video Games (BAC + 3 Years of further study); have strong skills in drawing, visual design, modelling, set up, animation, rendering; have a good level of English; have already undertaken a work placement in a company in the animation industry.


saturday, december 9 from 10h to 17h