Animation & Video Games Courses Master Supervisor & Director Animation & Special Effects Master's level (2-year programme) Paris in French


This course allows each student to further their skills in the following fields: production direction, story board, directing, concept art, layout, modelling, rigging, animation, matte painting, lighting, rendering, VFX and compositing.

Developing one's skills

Students develop their skills in directing, use of software, combining 2-D and 3-D techniques for complex projects and optimizing production calendar management. This approach leads to an in-depth knowledge of the entire production pipeline for 3-D animated films.

Furthermore, it allows students from a 2-D background to learn 3-D tools, and for those from a real-time background to gain experience in staging and in precalculated 3-D.

A 2 years degree at master's level

The course in Production Management and Digital Animation Techniques takes place over 2 years following a BAC+3 year qualification at LISAA in 2-D Animation, 3-D Animation, VFX or 2-D/3-D Video Games. It is also open to graduates from other digital animation schools.

I do traditional digital animation. It requires focus and continuous learning. It's hard but it's so rewarding to create something!

Alizée Laffitau, class of 2014, 2-D animator at Supamonks


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  • 01. Storyboard and Layout
  • 02. Visual Design
  • 03. Directing
  • 04. 3-D Production
  • 05. 3-D Animation
  • 06. Production Direction

Teaching Staff


  • Frédéric Lefort
    Frédéric Lefort

    Head of Studies - Supervisor & Director Animation & Special Effects

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  • Pixar
  • 2d3D Animations
  • 4.21 Productions
  • Backlight studio
  • Double Negative
  • Supamonks Studio
  • 100 Animation Studio
  • Xilam
  • Studio TeamTO
  • Neodigital agency
  • Moving Picture
  • Mobbles
  • Admemori
  • Domantic
  • Je Suis Bien Content
  • Exfools productions
  • Delapost Films
  • Eddy productions
  • Gaumont Animation
  • Compagnie Générale des Effets Visuels

Entry Requirements & Application

To be eligible for this course, students must fulfil the following criteria: hold a qualification from LISAA or other digital animation school in VFX, 2-D Animation, 3-D Animation, 2-D Video Games or 3-D Video Games (BAC + 3 Years of further study); have strong skills in drawing, visual design, modelling, set up, animation, rendering; have a good level of English; have already undertaken a work placement in a company in the animation industry.


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