Fashion Courses Interior Decoration Master's level (1 year after bachelor / bac +4) Paris in French


For the 2018 academic year, LISAA is offering a brand new training programme in Trend, Style and Innovation Consulting Applied to Decoration, Textiles and Furnishings. The course is taught in French.


The Trend, Style and Innovation Consulting Applied to Decoration, Textiles and Furnishings course takes place over 1 year and is directed at students who have completed a qualification to the level of a two- or three-year higher education diploma in in various subjects (Design, Interior Architecture, Fashion Design, marketing, management, communication). The career objectives will be mainly examined.


The course allows students to undertake two six-month work placements and also to be employed in a full-time short- or long-term contract job. An advantageous context, which allows students to widen their knowledge base and further their professional skills.

Each student benefits from a one-on-one monitoring for the creation of their professional project, as well as in their work placement research. A data base boasting over 1000 job and work placement offers allows students to find suitable work placements in trend forecast agencies (e.g. Peclers, Nelli Rodi, Promostyl), department stores (e.g. Galeries Lafayette, Printemps) and specialist press.


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  • 01. History and Culture of Design and Furniture
  • 02. Major Movements in Decoration
  • 03. Colours & Materials
  • 04. Decor Items and Products by Industry
  • 01. Decoration Trendbook
  • 02. Colours and Materials/Textile Design or Decorative Object Design
  • 03. Rooms – Private Spaces/Hotels/Restaurants
  • 04. Product Environment/Workshop

Teaching Staff


  • Anne Balas-Klein
    Anne Balas-Klein

    Director of Studies - Fashion / Project Management

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  • Anne Fuhrhop

    Introduction to Fashion Market / Fashion Industry & Building Collection

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Entry Requirements & Application

This course is available to various student profiles (designers, textile designers, interior architects, architects, fashion designers). The candidates must have an undergraduate degree (bachelor).


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Saturday, December 8th

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