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This one-year MBA ESG course in partnership with LISAA prepares students for management roles adapted to the booming video games industry in order to be able to understand and identify technical, artistic, legal and financial means that come into play in the process of video game production.

Technological innovations – new consoles such as the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S; the Pokémon Go phenomenon – and the explosion of free-to-play games have made the French video games industry one of the most dynamic, ahead of the music and film industries.

MBA ESG is partnering with LISAA to prepare future managers and producers to respond to these new challenges by creating this MBA Video Games Producer course.

This course makes every effort to accelerate students’ entry into the professional world, with teaching by industry professionals, a vocational sandwich course structure, networking through professional breakfasts and conferences, production of a video game during the year, attending several trade fairs and events dedicated to video games (such as Paris Game Week, E3 in Los Angeles, Gamescom in Cologne, Tokyo Game Show, etc.).

To complete the year, students must produce, in a group of four (in partnership with third-year Game students at LISAA), a video game that will be put online. A viva exam is organised in front of a panel of professionals from the video games industry.


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  • 01. History & Economics of Video Games
  • 02. Marketing & Communication
  • 03. Physical & digital distribution
  • 04. Art Direction & Production
  • 05. Transmedia
  • 06. Law
  • 07. Tools and Techniques
  • 08. Options

Teaching Staff


  • Catherine Constant-Grisolet
    Catherine Constant-Grisolet

    Director of Studies - Animation & Video Games

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  • Colin Waurzyniak
    Colin Waurzyniak

    Head of Studies - Bachelor VFX and Master's Game Art & Game Design

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  • Philippe Marcoux
    Philippe Marcoux

    Director of MBA ESG Video Game Producer

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Entry Requirements & Application

This course is available for:

  • Post-graduates (business schools, political sciences, law schools, economics, accounting, communication and advertising schools, graphic and applied arts schools) willing to specialise in the video game industry
  • industry professionals willing to access management jobs and video game production
  • entrepreneurs willing to create their video game production structure


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