2-D/3-D Layout Artist

The layout artist lays a design out based on color, balance and layout principles, in order to create a coherent and pleasing layout. He will use drawing, design, animation, color... In the cinama industry or video games, the layout artist will turn storyboards into 3D shots, staging the action, the characters, the setting and the position of the cameras.

Course Options

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  • Master Supervisor & Director Animation & Special Effects

    Master's level (2-year programme)

  • Bachelor 2-D Animation

    Bachelor (3-year programme)

  • Bachelor 2-D/3-D Animation

    Bachelor (3-year programme)

  • Bachelor 3-D Animation

    Bachelor (3-year programme)

  • Bachelor Visual Effects

    Bachelor (3-year programme)

  • BTS Graphic Design

    Bachelor level (2-year undergraduate programme)

  • Bachelor Graphic Design

    Bachelor (3-year programme)

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February 2nd & 3rd 2019

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