29 October 2019

Discovery workshops in applied arts at LISAA

LISAA offers 3 to 5-day discovery sessions during school holidays. Discover applied arts, Graphic Design, Architecture / Design / Scenography, Fashion or Animation / Game, and choose the best option for you!


A week of artistic projects

During 3 to 5 days, students discover the fundamental techniques of drawing and colors step by step. Students can create works in uniform with his career plans et choice of study. They can also produce a look-book to later use for acceptance at the school of choice.

Learn in a fully equipped school

The discovery workshops are held at LISAA campuses, which are fully equipped for artistic creation projects. Computers and mock-up softwares is available for the interns. Paper, color pencils, sketch notebooks: all the materials are provided.

A passion? A workshop!

LISAA Paris: four thematic workshops are offered:

LISAA Rennes: A thematic workshop: Graphic Design / Interior Architecture

LISAA Nantes: A thematic workshop: "Create your portfolio"

LISAA Strasbourg: 2 thematic workshops: Graphic Design & Architecture/Design

LISAA Toulouse: An applied arts discovery workshop