Don't wait for APB to apply to LISAA!

The post-baccalaureate admission website APB doesn't offer higher and private education formations bac+3 and bac+5. So if you want to become designer or creator, dont't wait anymore !


Why register to LISAA's formations now ?

The post-baccalaureate admission website APB offers 12'000 formations to high school and university students. Each student has to express at least one choice and then wait until March 20th to know in which school he got accepted.

But this device could be very restrictive in particular for the students who aim to pursue applied arts cursus :

The student applying for different cursus is not assured to integrate his top-choice school. APB doesn't offer design, interior design, graphism,stylism, animation or videogames.

How to apply now ?

High school students who wish to apply to LISAA need to request an admission interview. An appointment will be offered in the following 48h. It allows our juries to evaluate the student's level and will be held on those points :

• General and artistic knowledge
• Book of personal work (drawings, illustrations, pictures, graphic work)

The candidate will be informed of his eligibility two days after the interview. An application contract will have to be completed and returned to LISAA

Apply here !