06 April 2017

LISAA and MBA ESG launch an MBA in Video Game Production

LISAA and MBA ESG have partnered to launch a new course in Video Game Production. Understanding technical, artistic, legal and financial aspects of production are the skills of the future managers of the booming video games industry.

Project followed by :
  • Joan Da Silva
    Director of Studies - Animation & Video Games

  • Philippe Marcoux
    Director of MBA ESG Video Game Producer

Photo : Fractal Box


Technological innovations—new consoles such as the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S; the Pokémon Go phenomenon—and the explosion of free-to-play games have made the French video games industry one of the most dynamic, ahead of the music and film industries.

To respond to these new challenges, LISAA and MBA ESG have chosen to train future managers and producers in this industry.

A course developing the new markets within a booming industry

Joan Da Silva, director of the Animation and Video Games School at LISAA Paris


The Video Game Production MBA puts everything in place to train professionals who are adapted to their environment: teaching conducted by professionals in the industry, a sandwich course alternating between the school and a company, professional breakfasts and conferences to help networking, participation in numerous trade fairs and events dedicated to video games: Paris Games Week, E3 in Los Angeles, Gamescom in Cologne, Tokyo Game Show…

During the year, students will produce a video game in a group, which will be put online. For this, they will lead third-year students on the bachelor’s course in 2-D/3-D Video Games in the production of their end-of-studies project. The oral exam will take place in front of a panel of professionals in the industry.


MBA graduates will work in production studios as video games producers and games directors, or professions directed towards the games business, such as live producers, economic/monetization designers or product managers.