LISAA Fashion joins forces with Agnès B. and Secours Populaire for a good cause

On May 10th, the bags created as part of the charity project "The Journey Is in the Bag" set up by Agnès B. and the Secours Populaire (popular relief) charity in Paris will be axhibited and sold!



Using clothes given to the Secours populaire, LISAA Fashion students recycled the fabrics, then designed and created bags. Unique creations, these will be sold on 10th May 2019, from 4pm, at the agnès b. headquarters, 17 rue Dieu in the 10th arrondissement of Paris (exhibition from 9th May, 10am).

The sale of the bags is destined to finance holidays for children helped by the Secours populaire. The students' unique creations will be sold starting at €30. Just enough for the association to cover for one day of holiday for one child.

In 2018, first-year LISAA Fashion students made bags from 600 kilos of collected garments. The project was set up by Agnès B. and the Secours Populaire in Paris and raised €3,230 – the equivalent to 107.5 days of holidays to be given to the children helped by the association.


As part of their classes in Style, Textile Design, Fashion Design and Computer Graphics, students will make backpacks, tote bags and clutch bags. This year, they will work on three themes: "Female/Male", "New Denim" and "Street Art Couture".

On one hand, this project is ethical, since it allows students to work on second-hand clothes and bring value to them. And, on the other, it is creative, since each design is unique. It is also a charity project, enabling students to put their passion into practice and their work to good use.


Exhibition and sale at the agnès b. headquarters, 17 rue Dieu, 75010 Paris.
Exhibition: 9th & 10th May 2019 - 10am
Sale: 10th May 2019 - 4pm.

To see the bags, click on "more pictures".
Photos: Marie-Elodie Fallourd

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