April 2019, Open day at LISAA Paris Interior Architecture & Design

On April 13th, LISAA educational staff welcomes you in its brand new campus in Paris 13th. The programme includes visit of the school, orientation coaching and conferences on programmes and careers in interior architecture, scenography and design.


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Campus visit

Visit of the workshops and classrooms / Meet the educational staff.
10 am-6 pm


Admission interview, orientation, courses: ask all your questions!
You can bring your portfolio.



  • After high school: what choices for the students? How to understand the different programmes
  • How to manage your reorientation?

by Chantal Boëtte, Head of studies for Foundation Year in Interior Architecture & Design


by Emmanuelle Torck, Head of School of Interior Architecture & Design

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School of Interior Architecture & Design - LISAA Paris
8 square Henri Delormel, Paris 14e
+33 (0)1 45 43 02 02
Saturday, April 13th 2019 (10 am/6 pm)

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