06 April 2019

April 2019, Open House at LISAA Toulouse

LISAA welcomes you for an open house visit April 6th. From 10am to 5pm, you can discover the new campus and brand new equipments!


Welcome and snack

10 am: Welcome of the visitors and snack.


Presentation of the courses every half hour:
10.30am - 11.00am - 11.30am - 12.00pm
1.30pm - 2pm - 2.30pm - 3pm - 3.30pm - 4pm - 4.30pm

Campus tours and students work exhibition

  • Exhibition of students' work
  • Video projection
  • 3D Animation / Virtual augmented reality
  • Campus tour


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Practical information

LISAA Toulouse
Saturday, April 6th - 10 am/5 pm
Campus Enova - 505 rue Jean Rostand - 31670 Labège
+33 (0)5 61 30 77 20

Enrolment at LISAA
is still open

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