Broadcast design for the programme Akwaba on BET France

LISAA Graphic Design Paris students had the opportunity to create the broadcast design for the programme Akwaba, which will be shown soon on the channel BET France.

Project followed by :
  • Marion Bayot
    Graphic Design / Typography


As part of their graphic design and typography course with Marion Bayot, the Motion Design Bachelor’s students at LISAA Graphic Design Paris had the opportunity to work for the agency Mainly on a project for the TV channel BET France.

The production agency asked students to create the broadcast design for the new music programme Akwaba. Hosted by DJ Anaïs B, the show is scheduled to be broadcast this year on the African-American culture channel.

Broadcast design is an essential exercise for third-year students of Motion Design

Marion Bayot, teacher


The students worked on the project in groups of two or three.

The idea was to create broadcast design inspired by "Girl power! Fresh, colourful and punctuated with Afro-chic references, from Jean-Paul Goude to Janelle Monae," explains the teacher behind this partnership.

DJ Anaïs B and the agency Mainly chose the project by Julien Bevillard and Tom Petitjean, which they shot in the school studio. The bold, elegant and powerful design met the artist’s expectations perfectly.

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