UX design students take part in the Créathon de Paris

Saturday, 10th November, students in art direction and UX design at LISAA Paris took part in the Paris designathon. On the agenda: working as a team on start-up concepts in social entrepreneurship.



As part of the Social Cup start-up competition, the digital art direction and UX design students from LISAA Paris were invited to participate in the Créathon de Paris. This is the second year in a row that LISAA has been a partner in this event.

Open to all – entrepreneurs, students, associations or those interested in a social and solidarity economy – the Social Cup's designathons are days of creation and reflection around start-up projects with a positive social and environmental impact.

During the Paris edition, students worked on projects such as an organic and socially responsible bar, organic baby accessory brands, a start-up specialising in the collection of waste for events and a project focusing on transmission between generations.

In total, 20 projects were developed by 110 participants during this event. At the end of the day, the designers behind the projects can choose to officially apply for the Social Cup by submitting their application.


Founded by KissKissBankBank, MakeSense and La Banque Postale, the Social Cup is a competition that rewards 12 start-up projects in the field of social entrepreneurship. The only participation requirement is that the project leader is under 30 years of age.

The designathons are the first stage of this competition and are intended to allow entrepreneurs to develop and validate their idea before formally submitting their project. LISAA Paris is one of the educational partners of the Paris designathon, allowing students to put their skills to the service of projects with a positive impact.

Twelve designathons are organised between 10th November (Paris) and 1st December (Strasbourg). Entrepreneurs have until 9th December to submit their proposal and try to win a grant of up to €50,000. Find all the dates and conditions for entering the contest on the Social Cup website.

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