Clair de Lune

Julie Galtier - Yuan Yao - Pauline Leclerc - Nicole Park - Yona Ohayon


The doctors decide to pull the plug on Anna whose wrecked body lies on a hospital bed. When the machines keeping her alive turn off, she suddenly wakes up in a dream world where she can dance again for the last time.

A graduation film from the VFX Bachelor, by Julie Galtier (Co-Direction, Production Direction, Lead FX, Compositing, 1st Assistant, Motion Capture), Yuan Yao (FX Artist, Set Photography, Set Management), Pauline Leclerc (Scenario, Direction, Storyboard, Script, Make up, Video and Sound Editing), Nicole Park (2-D Concept, Matte Painting, Texturing, Lighting, Choreography, Motion capture Animation) and Yona Ohayon (Direction, Original Idea, Scenario, Modeling, Grading).


October 16th

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