Clic & Trip

Léna Pinot


Travel guides are often generic and do not visually represent a city’s identity. Clic & Trip is an innovative concept that allows Internet users to create their own guide on the website, according to what they want to visit in any given city. This project aims to create a visual identity for each big city, in print and on a tablet with the website’s template.

Léna Pinot created the visual identity of the project, the website template, a poster campaign, illustrations for each city, as well as the editorial and page layout of a guide.

lena-pinot-design-graphique-strasbourg-talents-2015-1 lena-pinot-design-graphique-strasbourg-talents-2015-2 lena-pinot-design-graphique-strasbourg-talents-2015-3 lena-pinot-design-graphique-strasbourg-talents-2015-4


November 13th

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