Matthieu Arnauld - Lorène Laborie - Charles Dauphin - Gabrielle Nonnenmacher - Xi Luo - Christophe Duhazé


A man, haunted by past events, decides to travel within his own conscience to restore order in his spirit. The disorder within him quickly takes the form of a devastated landscape, ignoring the laws of physics and reality. He is guided by his reason, which takes the form of a humanoid, and takes him to the source of his problems.

A film by Matthieu Arnauld (Compositing, Grading) - Lorène Laborie (Modeling, Rendering) - Charles Dauphin (Concept art, Matte painting) - Gabrielle Nonnenmacher (Animation, Making of) - Xi Luo (Modeling, FX) - Christophe Duhazé (FX, Concept art). Music & sound design: Félix Joguet. Technique: mixte.

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