Philémon Salerno - Marc-André Perez - Agathe Le Marchand - Emeline Mateus - Morgane Coville - Flavien Garnier


The journey of an art work until it is subject to the critics. In a foggy environment, stoned individuals emerge from earth, carrying giant books on their backs. They starts walking, going throught many obstacles, in order to finaly arrive in front of the Judgement.

A 3-D Animation film by Philémon Salerno (Direction, Concept, Modeling, Texturing/Shading), Marc-André Perez (Modeling, Texturing/Shading, Compositing), Agathe Le Marchand (Preproduction, Lighting, Compositing), Emeline Mateus (Concept art, 3-D Layout, Animation), Morgane Coville (Animation, Layout, Storyboard) and Flavien Garnier (Rigging, Script, Modeling).

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