Drop Tale

Divya Higelin, Mathias Fekete, Sam Fardilha, Romane Rakotovao, Florian Chastres, Guillaume Party


Travel through worlds of your wildest imagination, that’s what Grand Portal Hotel offers. Its lovely director is kidnaped by the awful second in command. You will incarnate the secretary gone to save his loved one.

A video game by Divya Higelin (Game developer, Game designer), Mathias Fekete (Artistic director, Concept artist), Sam Fardilha (Level designer, Environment artist), Romane Rakotovao (Animator, Sound designer), Florian Chastres (2-D Artist, Background artist) and Guillaume Party (Animator).

Made for smartphones, tablets and PC, this "puzzle game" was produced with Unity (Uni2D, Shader Forge, Ultimate Isometric ToolKit), Photoshop, Flash and After Effects.

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October 16th

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