Feeling the Swing

Eric de Fromont - Nils Anselme - Oriane Goulin - Mathile Wrembel - Young Seon Jeong - Viktoriia Mazaeva - Camille Yadan


Feeling the swing is the story of An Aged and Tired Man, who is in charge of maintaining a dance hall. One day, he steps onto the dance floor. He will rediscover his youth and the happiness felt when the body speaks with music.

A 3-D Animation film by Eric de Fromont (Direction, Animation, Modeling), Nils Anselme (Production, Rigging, Animation), Oriane Goulin (Production, Visual Development, Texturing), Mathile Wrembel (Compositing, Animation, Modeling), Young Seon Jeong (Modeling, Texturing), Viktoriia Mazaeva (Visual Development) and Camille Yadan (Storyboard, Animation).

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