Grand Portal

Mathieu Manley, Inès Cherraben, Mathilde Olivaux, Jean-Daniel Bouvet, Albane Levesque, Paul Belier


Travel through worlds of your wildest imagination, that’s what Grand Portal Hotel offers. Its lovely director is kidnaped by the awful second in command. You will incarnate the secretary gone to save his loved one.

Grand Portal is a 2-D plateformer specialized in movement. As such you can use doble jumping, wall jumping, graplin or wall sliding. The level iwas created to push the mastering of each skills so that the player can find a sort of freedom through out the game.

A video game by Mathieu Manley (game developer, level designer), Inès Cherraben (2-D artist, concept artist), Mathilde Olivaux (3-D artist, FX artist), Jean-Daniel Bouvet (concept artist, environment artist), Albane Levesque (GUI artist) and Paul Belier (3-D artist). This game was produced with Unity (Uni2D, Ferr2D), Photoshop, Flash and 3DS Max.

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