Axelle Decante



Hom’wood is a single 9m² unit that can be combined with others, contrasted, stacked and dismantled depending on a family’s needs and space constraints. The kitchen leads to children’s bedrooms on one side, and a living room that also serves as the master bedroom on the other. Within this block is the family bathroom.

Hom’wood is supplied flat-packed and has been designed with car dimensions in mind so as to be easily transportable. During assembly, it is possible to paint the OSB panels. Partially painted, they can be customised to create different ambiances within the same space. The outside of the unit can also be customised. The Onduline roofing, in different colours, creates variety and rhythm in the heart of an urban space. Each different residence gives each family the feeling of being in their very own home.

The Mini Maousse Competition

Jointly organised every two years by the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine and the VIA, the Mini Maousse competition was this year on the theme of “A house for better days”. Students from French design schools in architecture, design, art, landscaping and engineering at a bachelor’s level, or those who have graduated no more than a year ago, were invited to design a temporary living unit that is both ecologically and economically friendly.

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