Axelle Decante


Carbon and lycra

Hoplon is a large umbrella or parasol big enough to shelter two people that is innovative both for its opening system and the way it is carried. When closed, Hoblon can be carried like a bag and when open, the handle that holds it together can be stored in a pocket.

With a construction of carbon and Lycra spokes of varying elasticity, it can be folded and unfolded with no need for a mechanism. Hoplon is an umbrella that is not only visually light: the combination of these two materials means this is a very lightweight umbrella to carry, too.

Bouroullec Exhibition: the design process as seen by LISAA

To coincide with the Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec exhibition at the Champs Libres, the FRAC and the Parlement of Brittany, students from LISAA Rennes have created a buzz by putting on an exhibition about the design process. To illustrate this topic, students are using their research and design work for an umbrella.

talents-2016-lisaa-rennes-architecture-design-axelle-decante-hoplon-1 talents-2016-lisaa-rennes-architecture-design-axelle-decante-hoplon-2 talents-2016-lisaa-rennes-architecture-design-axelle-decante-hoplon-3 talents-2016-lisaa-rennes-architecture-design-axelle-decante-hoplon-4 talents-2016-lisaa-rennes-architecture-design-axelle-decante-hoplon-5 talents-2016-lisaa-rennes-architecture-design-axelle-decante-hoplon-6 talents-2016-lisaa-rennes-architecture-design-axelle-decante-hoplon-7 talents-2016-lisaa-rennes-architecture-design-axelle-decante-hoplon-8

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