Aude Langlois-Meurinne


This project is titled Houle, french for the swell of the ocean. This concept is a metaphor of the free woman. Through it, the designer was able to create a beautiful parallel between her constant flow of emotions and the sea's movements. Her inspiration, a film: Fidelio, l'Odyssée d'Alice. This picture recounts the story of a 30 year old female mechanic. She works on a cargo ship, travelling the seas' of the world. We follow her sentimental journey, as she discovers the depths of her personality.

By studying her fascinating character, Aude Langlois-Meurinne was able to understand the many other adventurers, women sailors and offshore sailors that not only face the ocean but the prejudices and discriminations of such a male dominated sector. These souls embody an endless liberty. They belong to the ocean following the rumbles and tumbles of the currents. They are free from all rules and conventions; their only law they follow is the wildness of their hearts.

The designer fished her ideas from their travels without end, where time disappears. With this in mind, she painted a contemporary and poetic atmosphere mixing strong colours through contrasts and graphic patterns. The embroideries that weave through her clothing are natural and dense. The ropes are as tough as wind, and the wool foams like the edges of waves. Softness and strength alternate through these pieces as they do in a woman and in the sea.

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