Masked Identity

Mathilde Jouin

JOUIN-Mathilde-Photo-Gregory Voivenel-lisaa-design-textile-materiau-bts-3

In this project, Mathilde Jouin has chosen the theme of clean and dirty, referencing George Vigarello’s work of the same name from 2004. This work shows the gap that exists between the representations of “clean” from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. It also references judgements and social differences implied by these concepts.

Starting from this premise and multiple references, Mathilde pulled out several thought paths on clean and dirty and above all on what they inspire in individuals, with a focus on anxiety-provoking white, the others’ gaze, judgements and our own protection when faced with the other. This collection, called “Masked Identity”, and its preliminary research, underline the capacity an individual has to hide through wearing discreet clothing.

JOUIN-Mathilde-Photo-Gregory Voivenel-lisaa-design-textile-materiau-bts-1 JOUIN-Mathilde-Photo-Gregory Voivenel-lisaa-design-textile-materiau-bts-2 JOUIN-Mathilde-Photo-Gregory Voivenel-lisaa-design-textile-materiau-bts-3 JOUIN-Mathilde-Photo-Gregory Voivenel-lisaa-design-textile-materiau-bts-4

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