Virginie Vazquez & Ludovic Geraerts


A prize-winning project of the Minimaousse micro-architecture competition.

For the Minimaousse competition, the designers wanted to change the image of poor housing, often portrayed via containers, pre-fab accommodation and spaces that are not necessarily pleasant to live in. Their response to this subject was therefore to create simple, adaptable housing units, which seem to be made to measure but remain inexpensive.

The idea is for each resident to adapt their way of life within these spaces. The units are made of a simple structure in solid wood. By adding on two types of modules (one of 3x3 metres and another of 5x5 metres) the spaces become bigger and the flow of movement spreads over different half-levels, creating playful spaces. Nets hang down so that residents can set up as they wish. The lack of walls creates a completely open-plan space.

In terms of insulation, a practical and inexpensive solution was chosen, using an insulating tarpaulin to cover each of the units. This tarpaulin will be reusable and adaptable for each unit. It serves as both heat and sound insulation. It means the inside of the unit cannot be seen and yet is translucent, allowing daylight to pass through. At night, an effect of light and shade is created.

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