The Whale

Adrien De Massias De Bonne - Romain Le Bris - Matthieu Jeanno - Suzon Heron - Vivien Bimuala


On a pier, italien soldier leave the wharf to defend their country from the enemy. But on water they suffer an air attack and are defenseless. They sink into the depths but a sailor decides to die with dignity.

An 2-D Animation film by Adrien De Massias De Bonne (Animation, Compositing, Layout, Character Design), Romain Le Bris (Concept Art, Colorscript, Background), Matthieu Jeanno (Layout, Environnement trait, Background, Colorboard, Props), Suzon Heron (2-D Animation) and Vivien Bimuala (2-D Animation, Layout artist, Character Designer).

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