La baleine à moustache

Florène Alfoldi - Octave Lauret - Lucie Reynaud - Guillaume Decq - Diane Nguyen - Bérangère Orzati


Three lady fish are having a good time around the pool. When a whale with a mustache arrives and breaks their laziness. The monkfish who's swimming in the pool will suffer the playful mood of the Whale and will be pushed in the area, hitting a lady fish. Angry with the whale, the three characters will complain about her. The whale, sick of this, gets rid of them once and for all.

A film by Florène Alfoldi (Direction, Animation) - Octave Lauret (Artistic direction, Texturing) - Lucie Reynaud (Background, Compositing) - Guillaume Decq (Character design, Modeling) - Diane Nguyen (FX, Animation) - Bérangère Orzati (Animation). Music: "La Baleine à Moustache" by Juliette Defrance. Sound designer: Lorenzo Bassaletti. Technique: 3-D.

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