The Figurine

Kévin Hosdain - Mira Wendling - Florian Perrault - Alice Aubry - Andréa Florent


In a Room, Sacha plays with these Figurines.This Story talk about a gigantic creature, established in a city and frightening these citizens. Sacha imitates the scene of the creature. In this action Sacha’s mother cut off the story suddenly and orders to go to bed. The child, angry kicks his toys.

A graduation film from the VFX Bachelor, by Kévin Hosdain (Direction, Modeling, Texturing, Matte Painting), Mira Wendling (FX Artist, Co-Animation), Florian Perrault (Compositing, Editing), Alice Aubry (Animation) et Andréa Florent (Production manager, Rigging).


October 16th

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