The Madness of Chézine Valley and Procé Park

Anaïs Loquet


The city of Nantes and the SEVE (service for green spaces and the environment) wish to reassert the worth of the Chezine Valley/Procé Park area through landscaping accompanied by a spatial or architectural plan including a circuit, a sensory experience, a rest area and businesses, etc. These fixtures will allow users to utilise the linking zones between the two parks and to also attract attention by arousing visitors’ curiosity.

The space at the level of the arches is currently not used and thoroughly underestimated, particularly the identity of the two parks and the historic nature of the Jules-César Bridge. The question is how to intercede in a place that oscillates between man made and natural. Can the border become a unifier for these “worlds” or atmospheres?

anais-loquet-design-espace-bts-lisaa-1 anais-loquet-design-espace-bts-lisaa-2 anais-loquet-design-espace-bts-lisaa-3


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