Mad Runner

Jérôme Bianchi, Grégoire Chevalier, Max Fiévé, Loïc Guichaoua, Yannis Piette


In 1980 in Tokyo, Hojiro a renowned Yakuza gang leader, will have during a night rescue his captured comrades.

The player crosses at high speed some areas of Tokyo in permanently current while before jumping, sliding, hitting and then combining his actions. If he succeeds in overcoming obstacles speed increases. Ability to use a boost which will increase your speed and your score will multiply. The goal is to be as fast as possible to get the highest score.

A video game by Jérôme Bianchi (background design, editing), Grégoire Chevalier (background design, lvl design), Max Fiévé (script / FX / co-lead, background design), Loïc Guichaoua (animation / FX / GUI, character design / lead) and Yannis Piette (background design, GUI). For this project, they used Unity, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Spine, 3Dsmax, Audition and Premiere softwares.

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