I am a firefighter

Houzhi Huang - Sorya Boujemaaoui - Cyrielle Deblangy - Franck Varvounis - Elodie Beausir


Ming firefighter is looking for survivors of an earthquake. He finds a firefighter doll who's making his past reappear. Child Ming, plays near his mother. An earthquake begins, Ming is saved by his mother. Ming the firefighter, touched, hears a voice He takes a girl out of the ruins, gives her the doll.

A 2-D animation film by Houzhi Huang (Direction, Storyboard, Background, Animation, Compositing), Sorya Boujemaaoui (Production, Chara design, Animation), Cyrielle Deblangy (Light scrpit, Storyboard, Visual Development, Chara design, Layout, Background), Franck Varvounis (Chara design, Layout, Background, Compositing) and Elodie Beausir (Colo script, FX, Animation, Compositing).

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