Triple Word Score

François Cabot - Orane Coatmeur - Léonie Ramparison - Océane Uzel - Ruoxi Xu


Zoé plays scrabble with her grand mother with whom she shares a strong bond in spite of Colette's Alzheimer. Zoé's father can't stand that they play with their own rules and corrects them. Colette tries to avoid the situation. The father gets that the scrabble is the better way to bond with her mom.

A 2-D Animation film by François Cabot (Concept, Background, Layout, Props, Compositing), Orane Coatmeur (Direction, Animation, Compositing), Léonie Ramparison (Storyboard, Animation), Océane Uzel (Chara Design, Storyboard, Animation) and Ruoxi Xu (Concept Art, Animation).

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