My Psycho Fan

Loe Certano - Eva Favel - Lena Angel - Thuy-an Buis - Charles Hoarau - Rafaelle Cohen - Mohammed El Boghdady


A serial killer works in his studio. Until he's disturbed by the visit of his biggest fan. The killer wants to kill him but changes his mind by discovering his admiration. Flattered, the killer offers him to see his studio. The fan finds himself doomed to admire the killer for eternity.

A 3-D Animation film by Loe Certano (3-D Animation, Concept, Storyboard, Layout, Direction), Eva Favel (Production Director, Modelings props/environment, Shading&Texturing, Lighting), Lena Angel (Concept, Color script, Storyboard, Story layout, Matte Painting), Thuy-an Buis (Concept, Chara, 3-D Animation), Charles Hoarau (Cut, Scenario, Rigging, 3-D Animation), Rafaelle Cohen (Concept, 3-D Modélisation, 3-D Lighting, Rendering, Compositing) and Mohammed El Boghdady (Concept, Modeling Chara & props, Texturing & Shading).

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