Clément Montchovet - Erwan Andrieux - Maxime Naudin - Vana Terzian - Özlem - César Meneses


Paris, 2145, a woman walks in the street and comes face to face with a murderous robot. The woman runs away. A long and exciting chase begins.

A graduation film from the VFX Bachelor, by Clément Montchovet (Project Management, Concept Art, Storyboard, Animation, Matte Painting), Erwan Andrieux (Matte Painting, Texturing, Sound), Maxime Naudin (Direction, Compositing, Editing, Grading), Vana Terzian (Modeling, Texturing, Concept Art), Özlem (Rigging, Skinning, Animation) and César Meneses (Concept Art, Motion Design).

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