Lionel Amedee, Geoffrey Chacun, Marwan Ghandri, Andréas Houin, Guillaume Lebeau, Maryam Noukti


A Planet called Uloka is in shortages of raw materials. People discover that the Earth product some. Robots are sent there and fight in arenas to collect most ressources.

A video game by Lionel Amedee (3D modeleur), Geoffrey Chacun (3D modeleur, level designer), Marwan Ghandri (intégrateur, FX artist), Andréas Houin (3D modeleur, game designer), Guillaume Lebeau (concept artist, 3D modeleur) and Maryam Noukti (3D modeleur, game designer). It was produced with 3ds Max, Zbrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter/Designer et Unity.

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