Delhia Jollivet


As part of the 2016 Venice Biennale, pods have been installed in a selection of gardens. These spaces offer visitors the opportunity to rest and recharge by taking a nap, a break, or a moment between two activities. Via an app, visitors can view availability and reserve a pod.


From the outside, the visitor can see a structure delicately positioned on the ground, almost balancing. The shape of the pod references a footpath suspended over water—the typical Venetian bridge.

Snooze is made up of two distinct spaces. The first space is composed of a skin made of perforated fabric, which allows visitors to gradually enter the pod. The 3-D mesh in polyamide creates a shaded effect, which creates the sensation that the light is gradually dimming. The eyes and the body gradually become accustomed to living in the capsule for a duration of a few minutes. The Snooze opens with laces on the screen at the entrance of the pod.

Visitors go up two steps to access the second space, which is made for relaxing or taking a nap. Visitors are protected from outsiders seeing in. On a platform, the visitor can take a moment to remove any personal belongings, which they can leave in two lockers. Then they can slide onto the memory-foam mattress to drift into a light sleep. The inside and outside walls are made of Carrara marble.


Via an application, visitors can check availability and reserve a pod for a timeslot in the day for between 15 minutes and 1½ hours. A map of Venice shows where the pods are located. The app allows visitors to schedule their booking easily. Once the booking has been made, the app enables visitors to choose the amount of time they wish. In addition to this, the app has a built-in alarm clock to help the visitor to wake up. A light and sound indicate to the visitor that the reservation time is up.

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