Kevin Faria - Chloé Miceli - Mathilde Michea - Ombeline Bornier - Louis Foldes - Ceridwen Bizeul


In 1650, in a small village of New England, Elizabeth and her daughter Molly live on the edge of the forest. They are witches. Molly wakes up alone one morning, her mother has been taken by the villagers to be hanged.

A 2-D animation film by Kevin Faria (Direction, Chara Design, Animation), Chloé Miceli (Storyboard, Animation, Background), Mathilde Michea (Storyboard, Chara Design, Animation, Compositing), Ombeline Bornier (Concept Background, Background Design, Layout), Louis Foldes (2-D Animation FX, Animation) and Ceridwen Bizeul (Storyboard, Animation).

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