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Des professions et des carrières variées

Though the fashion industry may generate dreams, it is also economically viable and generates a multitude of jobs : in France, there are over 6000 clothing and textile companies with 100,000 employees and 10,000 young people will be hired in the coming years.

These impressive figures indicate a multiple, eclectic, professional reality. Fashion jobs are extremely varied. Lisaa, through its diverse curriculum, allows students to undertake the career that best reflects their aspirations and talents.

Trend stylist

Description : Search and analysis of fashion trends, presented via trend books and color, fabric and theme boards.


Personal qualities : Capacity to explain one’s choices, a «feeling » for anticipating trends.


Professional skills :  Knowledge of trends, good fashion culture and knowledge of society’s trends and transversal artistic disciplines (music, film, dance, architecture, fine arts), mastery of communication, merchandising and textile technology tools.


Type of company offering this post : Independent style offices, department stores, ready-to-wear and textile companies.

Clothing designer

Description : Create and design collections (themes, shapes, fabrics, colors), select materials, follow-up of models.


Personal qualities : Good knowledge of the company’s product and brand image, good general culture and knowledge of fashion history, creativity, coherent view of the overall picture.


Professional skills : Fashion sense, drawing, knowledge of fabrics, patternmaking.


Type of company offering this post : Ready-to-wear brand, designer, style office.

Photographic stylist

Description : Imagine avec un photographe une mise en scène qui valorisera une tendance, choisit les décors, les accessoires, les mannequins, les looks...


Personal qualities : Fashion sense, trends.


Professional skills : Photography, scenography, marketing.


Type of company offering this post : Press, ready-to-wear brands, advertising agency.


Film and theater designer

Description : Participates in elaboration of a film or play, choses actors’ clothing in terms of the script (finding items at press offices, boutiques and flea market) or realizes costumes adapted to a film or play’s style and mood.


Personal qualities : Excellent general culture, adaptability, sense of commerce.


Professional skills : Costume history, sewing skills.


Type of company offering this post : Production companies, theater companies.

Fabric designer for clothing and/or home decoration

Description : Conceives and fine-tunes fabric collections, defines color ranges, weaves, embellishments, selects prints, colorways and materials, collaborates with production to fine-tune products, creates illustrations for fabrics (graphic design) using computer software.


Personal qualities : Creativity, autonomy.


Professional skills : Drawing, knowledge of materials, patternmaking.


Type of company offering this post : Trend offices, fabric companies.



Description : Responsable for realizing prototypes and constructing a garment following sketches, the patternmaker turns sketches into volumes, makes patterns, elaborates on basic patterns.


Personal qualities : Adaptability, rigor, rapidity.


Professional skills : Patternmaking, drawing, flat cutting, draping, construction, fabrication, sewing.


Type of company offering this post : Ready-to-wear brands, clothing companies.



Description : Elaborates a store’s buying and sourcing policy, negotiates and manages buying budgets and buying conditions (price, delivery time, quantity, quality …).


Personal qualities : Sense of negotiation, a feeling for spotting interesting products.


Professional skills : Marketing, merchandising, excellent knowledge of trends.


Type of company offering this post : Department stores, mass market stores, multi-brand boutiques.

Press agent

Description : Responsable for promoting a product via the press, in constant relation with journalists (inviting them to showroom, conveying information, handling press relations), prepares press documents and releases, handles fashion editors’ « shopping » selections and keeps an eye on articles written …), organizes public relation events (cocktail parties, fashion shows, exhibitions), coordinates with foreign press offices...


Personal qualities : Sense of contact, rigor, reactivity, adaptability, knowledge of the media.


Professional skills : Mastery of communication tools, mastery of one or more foreign languages, marketing, knowledge of trends.


Type of company offering this post : Independent or in-house press offices, communication agencies, freelance.



Description : Presents a line of clothing and/or accessories under his own name, is head of his company and manages a sales team and assistants whose number depends on the size of the company.


Personal qualities : Tenacity, determination, autonomy, great capacity for work, sense of methodology and positioning.


Professional skills : A true master of the fashion world, the designer must know how to do everything, from conception to garment fabrication in passing by communication and marketing.


Type of company offering this post : Freelance


Product manager

Description : Defines product offer (analysis of market, competition, brand positioning), establishes collection plans in collaboration with designer(s), sales managers, selects themes and products in collaboration with designer(s), controls and follows up product manufacture, selects and negotiates with suppliers and manufacturers, analyzes sales, follows up supplying stores.


Personal qualities : Authority, a sense of negotiation and artistic direction.


Professional skills : Knowledge of trends, merchandising and marketing, collection plans.


Type of company offering this post : Large clothing company.

Design studio director

Description : Oversees a team of designers, composes, structures and coordinates creation, defines product strategy with head designer and marketing director, manages the collection (calender, planning, collection meetings, sales arguments), manages brand image with the art director (advertising).


Personal qualities : Authority, coherence of an overall vision.


Professional skills : Knowledge of trends, merchandising, marketing.


Type of company offering this post : Large clothing company


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