Graphic & Motion Design Courses Master Digital Art Direction Post-Graduate (2 years after a bachelor programme) Rennes in French


This course trains students to become experts in digital media. Students on the graphic design course will further their knowledge and will learn to use video, motion design, interactive animation, web development, mobile design and UX design via a comprehensive programme covering all aspects of multimedia.

A course to train experts in digital media

The course is taught by working professionals who are recognised in their field, and links theoretical and practical courses with several work placements at the school’s partner companies. The quality of teaching at LISAA has resulted in the course being recognised by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.


The advanced course in Digital Art Direction is a two-year course, equivalent to a master’s, and is accessible to students who have already completed studies in graphic design to a bachelor’s level.

The course enables students to obtain a qualification in Digital Art Direction from IDAA-LISAA NSF 322T - level I (France), 7 (EU), listed on the French Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP), by decree of 11th December 2018, published in the official journal of 18th December 2018.


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Teaching Staff



  • Association Trans Musicales (Rennes)

Entry Requirements & Application

Admission is subject to both the presentation of a file and an oral interview. The interview allows a discussion about the candidate's background and ambitions. The objective is to to gauge his motivation and the potential of his or her academic profile to suit the specificities of a profession in graphic design.


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