Providing Students with a Recognised Qualification

LISAA is one of the few private higher education institutes to be recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. The courses taught at LISAA cover all fields in the design profession and are certified by qualifications listed on the French Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) (level II (FR), 6 (EU)/ 3/4 years of higher education or level I (FR), 7 (EU)/ 5 years of higher education)

Offering Cutting-Edge Teaching

Our staff are not only teachers but also active professionals. This foundation in the reality of the market and the continuous evolution of practices and trends allows LISAA to be ranked among the best schools by professionals.

Shaping Professionals Adapted to the Job Market

Teaching at LISAA is founded on constant interaction between students, teachers and professionals, supplemented by workshops, viva exams and work placements. LISAA is one the most valued schools by recruiters, who attend the end of year viva exams to seek future talents. As a result, six months after graduating, 82% of LISAA alumni have found employment in the sector in which they conducted their studies.

To get our teaching methods in tune with the expertise of professionals is essential to us

Anthony Chevalier, managing director of LISAA

Tailoring Support to Each Student

LISAA focuses on lessons in the format of workshops — a style of teaching where exchange and discussion are at the centre of learning. Throughout their studies at LISAA, each student benefits from individual tutor support. Directors of Studies and teachers are always available to listen to their students. They conduct one-to-one meetings and personalized assessments to enable each student to progress in the best way and at their own rhythm.

Nourishing the Alumni Network

The school maintains contact with graduates, who are the most active links in LISAA’s professional network. Their experiences help to train graduates to be ever increasingly adapted to the job market and also allow recent graduates to find job openings.

Opening Opportunities Worldwide

LISAA’s reputation is built on exchanges with the outside world. Established in Paris and regional France, LISAA has also opened schools internationally, with a campus in India and a partnership with MHMK Macromedia University in Berlin. It encourages student mobility thanks to the numerous international exchange networks of which it is a member, such as Erasmus and Cumulus.


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