Lisaa School of Animation & Video Games


LISAA trains specialists in 2-D/3-D animation, video games and visual effects. In 2017, the school offers new trainings in video game projects management: Master Game Tech and MBA in Video Games Production.

Video Games students will develop artistic skills, advanced technical knowledge and also a real sense of strategy, which is essential in the role of game designer. Students can specialise in the creation of animations, music videos, feature-length animated films or advertising.

LISAA is ranked as the second private school in Paris for video games by professionals in the field (L’Etudiant, 2015).

Careers in video games and animation are wide ranging. Several graduates have gone on to make their careers abroad, notably in the UK and Canada.


Discover the different courses at LISAA

  • Bachelor 2-D Animation

    Bachelor (3-year programme)

  • Bachelor 3-D Animation

    Bachelor (3-year programme)

  • Bachelor 2-D/3-D Video Games

    Bachelor (3-year programme)

  • Bachelor Visual Effects

    Bachelor (3-year programme)

  • Bachelor 2-D/3-D Animation

    Bachelor (3-year programme)

  • Master Video Game Creative Director

    Master's level (2-year programme)

  • Master Supervisor & Director Animation & Special Effects

    Master's level (2-year programme)

  • MBA Video Game Production

    MBA (1 year)


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