International courses in English


LISAA offers in Paris international courses in English in the fields of Graphic Design, Fashion, 2D/3D Animation and Interior Architecture & Design. The Foudation year at LISAA Strasbourg is bilingual. It is an opportunity for students to discover new perspectives on their work, to learn to adapt and to develop language skills.

Experiencing Alternative Methods

By developing international courses in English in Paris, LISAA aims to enable its students to work internationally, to discover different perspectives, and to experience different working and creative methods that will enrich their future professional practice.

Perfecting English

Throughout their professional lives, LISAA graduates will communicate with foreign partners: sponsors, company directors, collaborators, etc. They will need to employ specific techniques and refer to cultural information for which the content will sometimes only be available in English. The practice of this language is an essential skill for the 21st century creative.

Developing Adaptability

In addition to mastering language skills and discovering new cultures, international classes enable students to acquire the skill of being able to adapt to new environments and lifestyles. This is a bonus for being able to respond to the needs of the current job market and for understanding expectations of foreign target markets.


Bachelor Courses

Master's Courses


Bachelors fashion / animation
Specialisations Decoration / Interior Design

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