Lisaa School of Foundation Year


The Foundation year in Applied Arts, consists of a multidisciplinary year to acquire the theoretical foundations, techniques and methodology common to all sectors of Applied Arts.

LISAA in one of the most renowned school of applied arts with the professionals.

L'Étudiant, survey conducted among the professionals in graphic design and interior architecture in 2016

This is a key year for choosing a profession, continuing to degree courses at LISAA, or to prepare for competitive exams for higher education fine art schools.


Discover the different courses at LISAA

  • Foundation year

    Foundation year (1 year)

  • International foundation year

    Foundation year (1 year)

  • Introductory course in applied arts / design

    Foundation year (1 year)

  • Foundation year in Architecture & Scenography

    Preparatory class for schools of architecture (1 year)


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