01 September 2017

A new bachelor in graphic design applied to cultural organisations

In September 2017, LISAA Nantes is launching an unprecedented bachelor’s level course in France (qualification listed on level 2 of the French Register of Professional Certifications/3-year undergraduate course) with the aim of training graphic designers specialising in communications in cultural organisations.

Project followed by :
  • Marieke Rabouin
    Head of Studies - Graphic Design Bachelor


With a turnover of 74 billion euros and almost 1.3 million direct or indirect jobs, the economic weight of the cultural and creative industries is today greater than those such as the automobile or luxury industries.

As such, the new bachelor’s course in graphic design and communication for cultural organisations offers graphic designers the opportunity to specialise in a growing industry, via specific teaching and practical experiences, including an obligatory work placement in a relevant cultural establishment.


The course relies on a range of practical projects in partnership with businesses, broached in a group or individually in the real conditions of professional collaborations.

Students acquire all the skills of a graphic designer but the specific feature of the bachelor’s course at LISAA Nantes is its anchoring in the cultural industry. Institutions, their distinctive characteristics, the way they function, their target market – students will have a comprehensive vision of the field, whichwill enable them to go seamlessly into the industry.

Furthermore, students must prepare their end of studies project by answering a 360° simulated or real call for proposals in each of the cultural fields studied. They must respond by following the organisational criteria (analysis of theproject, schedule, brief, target market, quotes, etc.) and creativity/experimentations (creative research, understanding of a theme, values, codes, etc.). This project prepares students to confront and manage a communication project in its entirety, in the same waythey will likely need to do in their professional life.


Recently appointed head of the bachelor’s in graphic design and communications for cultural organisations at LISAA Nantes, Marieke Rabouin started out in cultural communications in 2001 at the BaraKason in Rezé, near Nantes. She then joined the association Songo, which manages contemporary musical venue L’Olymic in Nantes. Marieke Rabouin is in charge of the association’s communications,promotions and press relations for concerts, the Scopitone festival and artistic educational activities in schools.

As the project advances, the communications service develops and Marieke Rabouin has become Director of Communications, Partnerships and Commercialisation. In 2011, L’Olympic became Stereolux, an original cultural project working on the distribution and support of creation of current music and digital arts, as well as exchanges and reflections on the future between the digital arts, industry and research.

Supported by a team of five people, she devises a 360° communications/marketing strategy which comprises print and digital supports, graphic design briefs, supervision of community management, partnerships and media relations (national and regional), the choice and management of communications service providers (graphic design studios, copywriters, ticketing, printers, digital agencies, etc.), a loyalty strategy and audience development, project coordination, and more widely, the management of a team.

These 15 years working with cultural establishments have also enabled her to develop awide knowledge of networks linked to communications and the world of culture, particularly in the Pays-de-la-Loire region.