28 November 2017

Three fashion students create upcycled pieces for Andrea Crews

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, the Andrea Crews collective invited three fashion design/pattern making students from LISAA to take part in an upcycling workshop entitled “Drop your clothes”. It was a creative and collaborative challenge for fashion with a cause!



To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the creative label Andrea Crews, three students on the bachelor’s in Fashion Design and Pattern Making participated in an upcycling workshop organised by the Parisian brand.

At the Le Cœur gallery, transformed into a workshop and located just next to the Andrea Crews studio, students designed and sewed an iconic collection from pieces of recycled fabric that the brand retrieved after a successful collection phase.


In particular, Carole, one of three students from LISAA Fashion, created a bomber jacket from several types of recycled scarf and a kilt.

It’s the first time that I’ve designed and sewn clothes using the principle of upcycling – it’s a really fascinating creative process!

Carole, third-year student on the bachelor’s in Fashion Design-Pattern Making at LISAA Paris

Over this fortnight of workshops, several guests from different collectives–including Novembre Magazine, Elena Mottola and Freaky Debbie–came to participate in these creative workshops and suggest their own designs. “I really liked the relationship we were able to forge with the different guests and the discovery of their worlds. We had to learn to define their expectations and design pieces, a bit like as if they were clients,” explains Carole.


Founded by Maroussia Rebecq fifteen years ago, the Andrea Crews brand subverts sartorial codes and sets itself apart by presenting its collections as performances in public spaces.

The brand’s designer has always been interested in the principles of upcycling. Beyond being just a creative challenge, this anniversary workshop is also part of an awareness campaign denouncing excessive consumerism in the fields of fashion and textiles.

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