Lorelei Le Merlus


The Camp’O hostel offers you rest stops along the Vilaine River, between La Roche-Bernard and the Arzal estuary. Built on stilts, it can be accessed via the water. Several rental outlets provide stand up paddles (SUP), kayaks and canoes at La Roche-Bernard. Once you are equipped with your water transport, you will be able to discover a world reserved for nature – an experience rich in discovery and sensations.

Ramblers are requested to bring their sleeping mats and sleeping bags. Spaces made from wood mark out sleeping spaces that can host four to six people. These wooden platforms are covered with mosquito nets to protect from the mosquitos that are present during the summer season in these humid areas. Bed spaces that are not in use can be used as a bag storage area. The camps are equipped with composting toilets equipped with an air circulation system to eliminate unpleasant odours.

Camps of two to four houses are located at roughly every 15 km. They are mostly accessible via the river, although some are also accessible by land. The layout of the camps varies depending on the geography of the site. There are several canals in La Roche-Bernard and Arzal, serving as a protected anchorage for boats in winter, and a good shelter for the Camp’Os.

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